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Session information

the EESystem™ computers are laser calibrated to within 1/100th of an inch in a sacred geometric pattern such as the Golden Mean rectangle – celestial architectural structure known to uphold coherent fields of energy, experienced especially in ‘power spots’ and ‘energy vortices’; it creates a dense field of highly coherent and permeable energy that is physically experienced by someone sitting in it’s field

things to know before your session

when the eyes are open, the body is externalizing up to 80% of the energies and that’s why you want to close your eyes, everything is cumulative hence the 2 hour minimum

  • hydrate well, before and after your sessions
  • bringing an eye mask and earplugs is a good idea
  • bring your water bottle

what to do while in your session

  • close your eyes and allow yourself to relax
  • focus on what you want and not on what you don’t
  • Please remain quite
bringing an eye mask and earplugs is a good idea

For your best experience

  •  before you enter the room: Set yourself an intention for what you want for yourself and leave your problems physical and mental at the door
  • while in the room: close your eyes, relax and focus on what you want for your best and highest

Dr Sandra Rose Michael meditation