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Experiences from ‘The Field’

I am using the room once a week to see if it will help my tremor as well as my arthritis. Before using the room it’s important to form a positive intention. My intention is that my body will feel good. I figure that intention covers a multitude of sins. So far I think there have been very subtle changes to my tremor. It is less strident. It is less inclined to make me feel “shaky weak”. For 24 hours after using the system I am pain free, which is fantastic. I am going to keep using the room for a while as the effects build with repeated exposure.


My time to be quiet. I felt tingling – like pins and needles through my entire body. I drifted from conscious mind to subconscious, then fully asleep. I drifted back and forth. I felt every ache and pain in my body, until I let go. I realised it is the last part I needed to let go. Then I was fully relaxed.

I saw lights spinning. They came together in the shape of colourful balloons, creating a tower formation. With a type of cross at the top. The tower started to spin so fast all the colours combined.

After the session I took a little while to feel grounded, my fingers and feet were still tingling. After a drink of water and talking I came back. To my physical body.

Before the session I felt tired. Afterwards I felt lighter, refreshed and I had more energy. I also had an amazing sleep that night.

Belinda S