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Kia ora whanau

Welcome to ‘the field’ website;

 ‘the field’, is a space for relaxation, energy exchanges and family;

 this is a cherished space where you can feel welcome and at ease with being yourself and you may be greeted at the door by our curly k9 family member ‘Misha’

 this is a private property and space of energy exchanges and relaxation and includes knowledge sharing, laughter, reflection, meditation for friends and family, and this website is a resource of many different things for general information and entertainment purposes only;

 the new addition of a 24 unit Energy Enhancement System™ here at the field in the Wellington Region has added a whole new energy of experience to our lives and as the owner of this very beautiful and elegant technology i have chosen to share that experience with other man and woman by invitation only in the private domain as a heart energy exchange;

 Please click on the EESystem™ section for more information;